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Wool from the Andes

»Sulka« yarn feels warm to touch and slightly shimmers in different colours. The blend of merino, alpaca and silk give this wool its high-quality properties. It originates from the Peruvian highlands of the Andes. The profits made by the alpaca breeders in this area from selling the yarn enable them to invest in sustainable projects. This means that the traditional breeding of these camelids can be continued whilst children can receive an education without having to work. This is the result of Mirasol’s work. By protecting the social rights of disadvantaged workers, this local project contributes significantly to sustainable development.

»This project is based on the
principles of fair trade.««

– Susanne Tenbrock


In a country where the majority of the population has to live in unimaginable poverty, this project takes steps to create the best preconditions to promote self-reliance.

Darling, it’s cold outside. Wear some fine wool.